Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Last Moment of a Tiger's Life by Caprice

This is my Zoo Trip Narrative I worked on and put my heart into. Be sure to leave me some comments about my work! That include FF and FB!

My orange striped fur slowly peeled off my back as I walked into the jungle, feeling defeated and exhausted. The scars still existed on my body. The sacrifices I made, the lives I killed. Blood dripped from my mouth to the dirt. I had then realised that what I had done was wrong. But I can’t help it when I’m hungry. Turning around helplessly hoping and hoping that another animal of my kind would just turn up and become friends with me. To take me with their family and to love me like I am one of theirs. As far as I could see, no animal in this jungle would ever want to take me in.

It all began on one stormy, windy, coastal, drizzly night. My mother had gone out to hunt for me. To feed me. I was only a young cub back then. The storm was so strong, it picked me up and drew me to somewhere unexpected. I landed in huge bones faced upside down, sharp points first. One of the bones dug into my side and I was unaware of where I was. I roared as loud as I could but it was unable to reach my mother. I heard her calling me. I tried to call back. But I wasn’t loud enough. I felt a surge of water pushing out of my eyes. The deafening sound of silence made it completely eerie in my ear. I had a feeling I was in extreme trouble. I heard cries of other animals stranded with me. I was in so much pain. I swaggered, limping trying not to put all my weight onto my back leg which was where the pain was located at. I was starving. Desperate to find food.

A strange looking thing was moving towards me. Making a loud irritating sound which was a sound unfamiliar to me. It was noisy with no legs. It had four big round things which was making it move. I saw a human pop it’s head out of the thing with a long, black, scary looking stick. Then all of a sudden the stick exploded with an almighty thunderous noise. Fire had come out of the stick. Spreading smoke all over the place. Something hit me like a pain I’ve never felt before. A deep fire started up in my leg and as I look down, there was a big hole with blood gushing out of it. I looked in disbelief! Shocked at what had happened. But the thing is, what did happen? What hit me? I tried to run as fast as I could but I was in  severe pain.This was pain I had never felt before. I wanted to stop but my conscious was telling me to keep going. My heart was pumping out of my chest. My eyes were popping out their sockets. I was in trouble.

Finally as I stopped running, I saw a field with long grass. I ran to to grass and laid my leg down. All the gushing, gloomy blood was calming down. All of a sudden, I felt dizzy and everything around me was going clockwise and my focus was out of control. Blinking more than 10 times every second, they began to close slowly.
Pfft, I was lying there. Eyes closed, mouth shut, no breaths coming out of my mouth. A couple of hours  later I woke up in the same place. I said to myself  “Tiger with a coat of dissimilar stripes, when he’s angry, tiger swipes. Tiger cautious, guarding his lair. Danger lurking, tiger aware. Tiger hungry, so he hunts. Tiger quarry, tiger confronts. Tiger waiting, being sly. undercover, no tiger espy. Tiger detects now he purrs. Hunger pangs, tiger stirs. Tiger quick, must now surprise. Here we have on tiger, wise. Tiger from his throat he roars. Stretching out those tiger claws. Tiger moving stealthy pelt. Expiration, by tiger dealt. Tiger now belly filled. Anger passed, on tiger stilled. Tiger sleeping with the pride. Craving gone tiger satisfied. Tiger such a majestic sight. Near
extinction, tiger fights. Tiger beautiful and so fine. Tiger we must have respect. For your great tiger intellect.”

Looking around me, seeing blur. Trying to figure out what to do. I swipe my eyes, poking one of them. Rub them until I can see clearly. My eyes ached as I blinked. My muscles were stiff. Lurking around trying to deal with my aching eyes, I saw a water fountain. I slowly used my arms to push my body up. I reached my feet. Feeling my eyes getting better, I carefully walked to the water fountain as I was desperate for a drink. I licked the sweet tasting water as some of it dropped from my mouth back into the fountain. Ahh. At last a refreshing taste of sweetness. The crisp taste of the water clicked my leg and began to heal. Seconds later, my leg was about to be better. I was so so hungry. I needed food. I saw something move in the bushes as I put my head up. Bending my back down, keeping my head up, waiting for the right moment to attack. A gust of wind passed through me. It was telling me to wait for the right moment. Finally, the right moment was here and I was ready to attack. Scratching my mouth open and roaring it loudly, I ran towards the bushes and slammed my mouth shut, chewing on the delicious meat that was caught in my teeth! Satisfied I was. Delicious I said. After my massive meal, I saw a concrete pathway that I followed. It lead me here! To the forest.

Now I feel exhausted and defeated, I may lay my head down and never open my eyes again! Goodbye my fellow friends, I will see you in a while!

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