Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Descriptive Writing Practice by Renee

We waited patiently for hours, I could hear people talking in frustration . I walked up and down, side to side just to figure out something to do, as I was walking, my nose seem to detect a smell, a smell that was nice and yum. I couldn't just sit there and let the smell come to me, plus my taste buds was dieing in hunger because I didn't even get to eat, ever since we came, so I followed it as I was walking the smell seem to get bigger and bigger. My eye vision seem to get worse, it’s like I was seeing people as candy, I even nearly eat a little girl, which I thought was candy cotton, but it’s not . It must be my hunger and thirst, and up to a point that I found where the smell came from. That nice yummy smell was popcorn with melted butter on top. My mouth was getting watery, luckily I got five dollar that my uncle gave. I reach into my pocket, it was cold and dry. I got the five dollar bill, the five dollar bill felt a little bit wet, because I had it 2 weeks ago and, it went to the washing in my jeans. I gave the shopkeeper the money and he gave me a bag full of popcorn. I went back to where everyone was waiting for the fireworks display. I got there and was in time for the display. Up go the fireworks and different colours appeared. I ate my popcorn, it had a delightful taste and it made me want to go buy some more.

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