Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Descriptive Writing - The Circus by Chasity

The Circus
blood flows through my veins up my spine and the cycle starts all over again. Four of us wait for the applause to stop, then the instructor A.K.A - Trainer graves his whip and instructs us to walk over towards the audience and make a loud noise (Which means in my calculation. Blowing their heads off.) I take a deep breath, hoping I won’t die. I let out a big noise. Children cover the ears because of loud surroundings booming in their head. I have five more..... wait two... no wait...... no seconds left. “Times Up!” A voice spoke.

I could feel the cold icy air tremble up my spine, (Even though I don’t have one). The four of us did many tricks to entertain the audience. I feel a painful pain on my left side, from one of those hard slaps from the trainers, telling me to hurry up. (Well it’s obvious that they're telling me to hurry because I'm too slow for their speed.) I think to myself: Well guess I ain't going to go faster because this is as fast as I can.

The other three elephants do many tricks, I can see them struggling through half of them, while I'm doing the best I can. The taste of candy floss in the air wanting me to just take a few bites of it. But no, I can’t muck around now because the show is almost over and I don’t want to lose my chance in being in the circus with many other animals.

I can see the instructor giving a fearful look, as if he is the boss, but he isn't. I carry on and look over the other side.The other elephants look as though they’re going to go to sleep. The instructor instructs us to sit down on the chairs, that were provided for us. The audience applause.

Now the show has ended, I can now sit down and relax.

Today we were given photos. We had the oppotunity to choose our own picture instead of the teacher to write about. This was a practise for tomorrows real writng test (Descriptive)

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