Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Elephant Circus Show Disaster by Deandra

Look at the photo. Write to describe the moment in time it shows.

Four mischief elephants take the stage, all of them looking at the wide and open audience. The elephants hear no sound from the audience’s mouths nor smell the sweet scent of candy floss flushing down the human’s throats, but the elephants can touch, and feel the ground beneath them while their odd shaped bodies walk heavily towards the steel iron stools that the trainers use for their performances.

The four elephants don’t like it in their positions of doing little tricks for their master’s amusement but they have no choice other than to be cut from the circus and their own lives. I find it sad, cruel and terribly miserable that such peaceful and graceful animals are treated the way they are.

But when I saw them perform I felt astonished to find myself, hear their whispering cries for help,  see in their tired and exhausted eyes the pain they were feeling for not obeying the trainers orders, feel the kind of sympathy I had for them, taste the feeling of selfishness that the ringmaster was lacking, most of all smell the revolting scent of greed, and ice hearted  people surrounding the poor animals with satisfaction, and perfection.

The last scene I saw of the Circus was when the elephants had made their exit, but instead of walking in a straight line out of the enormous tepee they all kind of staggered towards the exit where one of them had fell on purpose because she was in so much pain and she was under so much stress, that even I could hear her saying to me

But the minute I leaned over to help her trainers who had no sympathy for her grabbed a figure and one whack of the sharp, silver, nasty claw stick to end her life.


Unknown said...

Lovely and sad.

Have you seen the film "How I Became an Elephant"?

Wendy Tucker said...
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