Thursday, August 29, 2013

Winning the Race by Kamaka

The days of my hard training has come to it's fate, my competitors are now my enemies that I fear. My heart pumping with intensiveness and nervousness that I felt that everyone could hear it.
I walked with pride and joy knowing this is the chance of a life time to represent my country New Zealand,that symbolism on my strong healthy body.

I looked up to the people as they cheered my name. Their faces were bright, smiling, and giving me the best wishes that only could be seen in their eyes.
The smell of the stadium was fresh and the air was full of excitement and anti participation who was going to win.

I reached to the rest of the competitors as we prepare ourselves to move to our places to represent first and foremost themselves, their families and their country, so proudly wearing their country's colors.
My heart pumps with excitement and my all my years of training and dedication to the sport that I am truly passionate about. My focus is in automatic gear and I know this is about giving my best.

However negative starts to build up my feelings of fear quickly enter my thoughts which surrounding within the dark images in my head. I quickly pushed that to the pavement and regained the positive affirmation that recorded in my head "Go hard or Go Home" it echo severals time to enable myself to come back  "I don't have time or the place for this I was born to run and running is what I am doing right now.

I am representing my country, as I echoed this my National Anthem played as the singing from the audience rang through my head and I knew from that point that they were here for me yes Me, they believed in me and they were here to show their support our Country, which I am representing, my emotions grew and I knew that I was here to WIN.

The race is on and I got myself mentally and physically ready.
All the competitors were on their running blocks as we could feel each other heart beat with nervousness.
The officials were ready to trigger their pistol, and suddenly they was huge bang in the air.
We ran as fast as we could I could hear myself breathing in and out slowly and other competitors were losing their breathing stances which slowed them down.
I quickly concentrate on myself, feeling empowerment that I was the only person running in this competition, my voice in my mind spoke to me so loud that it shut out the crow I ran my hardest to the finish line and I made
it, I did not stop running, the officials came running after me to give me first place.
I looked into the audience and shouted "I made it".

The End

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Miss Kelway said...

Kamaka this is amazing! You should be very proud. Well done and keep up the fantastic work!
Miss Kelway