Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ngatokurua's Ancestral Poem

I am a Cook Island Maori Princess not a Queen,
But a daughter who is loving `
Who is desperate to share.
Yes Indeed! Who has a fear of heights and in front of a large audience
I feel the Courage, Hope, Faith, and Strength of my ancestors taking away my troubles and doubts.

My Cook Island ancestors are the mighty shield protecting me from the outside world,
Protecting me from criminals.
They are the ruler that will never snap,
The cookies that will always be in the jar,
Ukuleles that will always be tuned for the young generation.
My Maori ancestors are the wind whispering directions to make the right path come my way.
They are the ink of a whanau pen never running out,
The artwork that will be straight and solid to look at with comfort.
The stars that will never stop shining bright like a diamond.
The waiata that will give me courage to stand strong.

I hope with what I achieve in life will impress my ancestors to the point where they are singing my praises,
fighting for me in battle,
cheering for me and crying tears of joy instead of sorrow.

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Unknown said...

To: Ms Aireen
I am a teacher at Royal Road School, and I came across the following poem linking towards Cook Island (where I am from) as I was researching for some relevant Poems for Cook Island Language Week to share with my students. I had a read of this and was so inspired.

Thank you
Maria Niotangi
Year 3/4 Teacher
Room 10
Royal Road School