Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Best Friend by Misimoa


My Best Friend
To my dear friend Tupou.

Friendship is not a gift it can not be bought or sold not even with gold.
It takes more then to just care to be a friend you have to try and blend .

I have a friend,
we have stood strong,
he has been there for me from the beginning of the road.
Even though we fight a lot our hearts shall not be apart.

You will never be alone because your friend is there with your hand in hold.
We can be kind of crazy and fun but,
Our friendship is a song that I will remember,
the rope can’t break when we are together.

True friendship is from the heart when you get along with somebody then something will start.


Mrs Fepuleai said...

Great Poem Misimoa. I like how you share you idea of friendship and how you have directed your words towards your best friend. You're right...good friends are like 'gold'! Keep up the great writing!

Anonymous said...

Great poem misimoa it is really interesting keep it up

Anonymous said...

That was really nice misimoa and nice photo. :p