Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ni sa yandra and Malo ni my name that I speak proudly is Salome and this is how you will get to know me.
I am a pacific Islander girl from Fiji,Samoa and Tokelau but born and raised in New Zealand,I have ink black hair with traces of brown in it.I am smart because I always do my work,helpful when someone is hurt, kind hearted ,artistic,quiet(when I want to be, mostly at school) and even silly(only at home).I am a responsible person that knows how to take care of myself like a golden sparrow flying and finding her way through the world,but can take care of others too. Being me is awesome and hard because there is just so many thing I want to do and so many things I can do.

I live with my Mum ,sister and brother,I am the youngest in the family and that is awesome because they alway protect me from harm.I have family everywhere no matter how far I go.This shows that my family will always be there for me and that they are loving like a big cuddly panda bear,wise like an owl and reliable like your dog who is always there beside you when you are sad .I always need my family because they are my favourite blanket that I always need to be wrapped around me to keep me warm and safe,and if it get too hot they are the breeze that passes me to keep me

I am apart of the Tamaki Community where my school is part of a programme called the Manaiakalani were my school can use netbooks as a learning tool just as other schools can in the Tamaki Community such as Pt England School,St Pius X School and Tamaki College.Having a netbook is great because I can share my finished work online on my blog to the world.Also in our community we have the G.I pools,where everyone in the family can go and and enjoy themselves on a long and boring day.My community can spread all the way out from Pt England,Glen Innes and all the way to Panmure which is cool because there is so many people I can meet.

My sporting interest include softball,netball and basketball.Basketball was always my favourite sport,netball was just introduced to me late last year when the year 7 and six made a netball team, and softball is not a sport I like to play as a competition but as for fun.My Cultural interest is going to the Kilikiti(Tokelauan cricket)with my mum I don’t play it most of the time but I do watch it and then after the game my family has a big feed and just start dancing.My hobbies mostly include art and reading and if I am outside the house I am either swimming,at PAK N SAV or if I am lucky at Sylvia Park shopping.

One of my biggest hopes is to earn a scholarship this year to a good boarding school for my years in college,and to become a top surgeon in New Zealand when I am older.My biggest fear here in T.P.S is not achieving my goals and not getting a scholarship.Once again being me is awesome and hard because there is so much things I want to do and so many things I can DO!

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ms Hansell said...

Taloha Ni Salome. I have really enjoyed reading your description - it really tells a great story about your Aspirations and Inspirations. You have been a very positive influence in our school and we are grateful for your leadership around our school