Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Talofa lava, Hello and hola my name is Misimoa and welcome to my interesting world. My  background was set in Samoa I was there until I was two months then me and my mum flew here where the kiwi’s live the beautiful New Zealand. I am 12 years old and also a  year eight in school I have short silk hair sometimes soft and sometimes rough and I have chubby cheeks and I also go to a mormon church (LDS). I am funny because I tell hilarious jokes, clumsy when I’m not concentrating on the topic, cheerful because I always cheer for my friends and faithful because I have faith in God. I speak Samoan and English at home mostly Samoan but I don’t know that much samoan only a little bit but when my family talks to me I just “Yeah” to make it look like I understand. I also have my besties Tupou, Tevita, Johnny and Tim Fi They're the ones who back me up sometimes they also make me laugh, cry (happy) they make me feel like I am a mature adolescence.  

I come from a family of eight, my old sister is Lorrine and she is quieter than a mouse waiting for the right moment to strike. My second oldest is Mavis she’s the grouchy one she can growl like there’s no tomorrow and my oldest sister is Sina she’s the responsible one so whatever goes on in the house she sorts it out like Dr Phill. I also live with my two cousins to me they are like my brothers who help me when needed and my nana she sleeps a lot. You never know when she’s going to shut down plus my mum and dad they're really cool because they help me in school. Whatever I need they’re there for me then there’s me but my grandpa he was the coolest guy in the world I think he was stronger than David Tua’s dad but my grandpa is dead now so all the cool days are gone but I will always remember some.

My community is Tamaki around all of panmure and G.I I live in panmure so that’s how I know I live in the Tamaki community. My school is part of the Manaiakalani cluster. The Manaiakalani is where we got our netbooks from. I live on Tripoli Rd that’s near Panmure Bridge School. For college I’m going to One Tree Hill. It’s funny because my mum told me “What college do want to go to?” I replied “Mt Roskill” she said “No your going to One Tree Hill” and I was thinking then why did you ask me ooohhh waste of time.

My hobbies include soccer and touch which is my thing. Touch is a good game because you get a lot of great opportunities to run with the ball and get a try. Soccer is the most athletic sport in the world they get a lot of money more than basketball players can you believe it. I come from Samoa where all the islanders are live. Samoa, Samoa is a country where little kid climb the biggest trees just to get one cocoanut. They are using all of that strength just for one cocoanut. Samoa is also a country where people walk around bare feet on the hot spicy concrete.  

My hopes  for 2013 is getting an award for in prize giving, getting excellences in my work and not getting distracted, going into every interschool sport for year 7&8 by the people around me and get some excellences in my work, I’d also like to get a good education and getting better at maths and going up into the highest group. My fears in T.P.S are not getting excellence, staying in at playtime and finishing my work, getting caught playing games, not getting anything in prize giving, not getting a good education.

Learning from success is important but learning from failure is vital to succeeding.

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ms Hansell said...

Hello Misimoa, You have written a full individual description that really "grabs" the reader. I loved how you finished with an inspirational quote - you chose well, as those words are very appropriate to students.