Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Kia ora,Talofa lava and Greetings to all...

My name is Edward I am a eleven years old and I am a Year seven student, who goes to Tamaki Primary School. I am a cool,kind,caring,cheerful young boy who is inspired by education and learning. I am always aware of learning new things and also I am an reliable,responsible young man.One day I wish to inspire the whole world to have a wonderful education.
You may not know this but my family and friends are the people who inspire me to do my best in education and life.They are a caring,kind,happy,loveable source that keeps me together with everything in life. Now I feel that whatever I do they will be beside me in my learning history.School is the place that is leading me to the path to where my education will be set to the maximum standard.

My community I live in is Panmure. Panmure is one of the first places I have lived in. I knew that Tamaki Primary school was the one for me. Once I  started this school I was shy but now I know that fear does not mean anything to me. It is what you are on the inside that makes you who you are in life, meaning if you are shy don’t worry its life.     

From school I am encouraged by sport. The best sport that I will love to accomplish when I’m older will have to be a successful softball player.Then I will learn how to pitch and bat.I am a Cook Island description so far! I lsland African and I am proud of who I am.My hobbies are science I like science because it is a interesting thing to do when you are bored I love science.

My hopes and dreams at Tamaki Primary School will have to be learning how I education can inspire and encourage others to do their best in life and also in learning.My fear and learning at Tamaki primary school will have to be not achieving my goals and also not setting my work to a high stranded.

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Ms Hansell said...

Edward, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your engaging piece of writing today. I have learned a lot about you. Thank you so much for this lovely description of you.