Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Build Ups and Put Downs by Caprice

This is my PowerPoint that I created using Google Docs presentation. This is about Build Ups and Put Downs. Build ups are positive sayings and Put downs are negative sayings! Please leave me some comments!!


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton said...

I think that you made a really clever choice about writing and creating a power point about an important topic for the start of the school year. I think that I will show your powerpoint to my class of students in Hamilton tomorrow, we were talking about put downs in class today, but I really like how you've got a slide about build ups which are just as, if not more important, so thank you Caprice for publishing it and sharing it.
Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton,

Ms Hansell said...

Caprice, I have read your work on Put Downs and Build Up comments. Congratulations - you have captured the terms well. We are in good hands with students like you to influence others.

Mrs Fepuleai said...

A great piece of work Caprice that encourages people to think about what they say. Good way to spark discussion and get people thinking about their actions.
Well done!