Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Tiger in the Bathroom by Chasity

For the writing part of our homework we were given a photo of a tiger in a bathroom. We used as much of our imagination as we could to finalise our narrative stories and make them really readable for the readers that are going to read these. I hope you enjoy reading my Narrative story.

With trails of footprints leading to the door, Alexis covered her body with a towel. The white bathtub groaned as it gulped up the last of water. Alexis walked over to the mirror and took one glance at her beautiful face. She smiled at her reflection and it smiled back at her. Her long wavy hair soaked with water, dripped onto the floor leaving tiny droplets. The echoing sound of crackling, was the sound of Alexis trying to lift her leg. She couldn't keep her balance and ended up face down to the ground.

Alexis tried to get up but the dark colour black took over her eye sight. She was now in a conscious reaction. Alexis was now face to face with a tiger. A tiger that had Golden brown skin with traces of black lines. Her eyes slowly opened. She took one short glance at the tiger. The tigers brown eyes looked at Alexis with a more frightened facial than she had. “I am a friend of yours from the past”. The tiger said. Alexis had a dumb look on her face. Then out came a voice “Johnson” yelled Alexis. The both of them smiled. “Now close your eyes and count to 10, I'm gonna do my business”. Roared her tiger friend. “How is that impossible” Questioned Alexis. There was no answer from the tiger.

Alexis took a small peek and saw the tiger on the toilet. She giggled to herself as quietly as she could. “You may open your eyes now” said Johnson. “How did this happen to you?” asked Alexis. Johnson never answered. “Alexis are you done in the shower, you have been in there over 20 minutes already” Yelled her mother. Alexis opened the bathroom door and yelled out “Yes! I'm done” She turned back looking at the traces of muddy footprints her tiger friend left.

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