Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Tiger by Mavis

For the writing part of our homework we were given a photo of a tiger in a bathroom. We used as much imagination as possible to turn this photo into a Narrative. I hope you enjoy reading my story below

Water trickled down Josh’s back as he hopped out of the shower. The white bathtub groaned as it gulped down the water. Moaning in the effort. His blue eyes fell on the new mirror which had just been installed. A crack echoed through the bathroom as he lifted his leg out, his eyes still enchanted by the mirror failed to assist the rest of his body. His toe jabbed. He fell head over heels.

His face suddenly buried into fur. He opened his eyes and got a handful of Jaffa orange and licorice black fur. He jolted into a kick stance. He looked closer it was a tiger.  The tigers green eyes flicked open. It re winded onto it hind paws then literally walked past Josh’s pale face.

It situated itself onto the glistening toilet bowl. After a few minutes it finished, suddenly... it lunged at Josh scanning it’s blue eyes. A voice crawled out the jagged teeth. “ Josh? What are you doing here?” The voice ran into Josh’s ear triggering this one thought “Jordan?”

The tiger nodded. Josh yelped “ My twin is a tiger!” Jordan nodded “ Josh help me only of you say the poem backwards I’ll be human.” “How’d you get here?” Josh asked “ Jordan roared “ I was left here last night when you said the poem bonecracker!” “ Me what?” Josh raised his eyebrow. “A tiger saying now do it “

“Tiger gone before tonight
Green eyes bright
Tigers right
Tails long
Humans wrong”

Josh opened his eye. His frown dove into a smile as their stood in bone and flesh, in jeans and a singlet topped with a hat, was his blue-eyed, blonde haired brother. They hugged each other for a long moment Jordan sighed now time for payback “ Chicken cluck showing bad lu-”
Josh tackled  Jordan before he could finish. “Boys!!The Chicken Taco is ready!” Their mothers voice rang out from the kitchen. Jordan and Josh looked at each other... “BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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