Friday, May 10, 2013

Meeting Will.I.Am by Mavis and Faith

Faith,Taylor,Jayden and I got the chance to experience another way of  learning with the Manaiakalani.
A fantastic piece of new which came to us as "Someone donated some money to the Manaikalani education trust" Well we found out that someone was Mr Will.I.Am
I hope you enjoy reading my awesome experience below 
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Thursday 6 May 2013, was well... the best day of our life!!! I’m not being dramatic or anything but a group of students got the chance to see that Mr.William James Adams,otherwise known as Will.I.Am . He has donated $100,000 to the Manaiakalani Education Trust. We were told at first that it was an anonymous donater but when we arrived we got the news that it was Will.I.Am himself who had donated the money.It was something worth experiencing.

When the cheque was presented we were thankful and honored for his helpful donation towards the Manaiakalani Education Trust. His inspirational words motivated us all as students to keep moving forward in life.

The words that he preached today was "My mission is to help transform disadvantaged youths, and I hope my donation to the Manaiakalani Trust will help these young people gain the skills they need for tomorrow's job market."

We acknowledged that fact the he shared a small portion of his life with us about growing up with  only his mum to raise him and about the fact that music and arts literally saved his life. He told us that his dream was to look after his mother and siblings.

When he told us what his dream was we felt like we could do something with our life. Meeting or hearing him wasn’t just hearing or seeing him as a celebrity but we got to hear and see him as a person who motivated himself to succeed in life.

We came back to school feeling glad we got to be part of something worth remembering, we got to be part of something we could tell our friends with pride and experience.


Anonymous said...

Hi Faith,
that's cool that you got to meet Will.I.Am and amazing facts too.I wish i was there
well done

Anonymous said...

Hey Faith and Mavis
I just loved how you described meeting Will.I.Am for the first time. It must of been the life you had dreamed for a long time. Keep working hard and maybe you might meet Beyonce :) See ya!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi Mavis did you have a good time meeting
cool facts too.

Anonymous said...

Good movie about how Will.I.Am donating $100.000 to the schools one day you might meet some other celebrity's.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mavis and Faith
I really really like the facts that you put down. And were you's excited to meet Will.I.Am for the first time and GREAT WORK

Unknown said...

hishi Mavis how amazing was it to meet Will.I.Am?I Wish that I could meet him too.

Anonymous said...

That really great that you use had the chance to meet Will I Am and also great that we Have a 100.000 to help us with our netbook learning.