Thursday, May 30, 2013

Soda Pop Experiment by Room 7

Yesterday Room 7 did a soda pop experiment. This week for inquiry we are focusing developing our understanding about gas particles.  We learnt that the carbon dioxide bubbles form around and on the salt/sugar.

The salt/ sugar drops to the bottom and pushes the carbon dioxide out.

The carbon dioxide has a nucleus to hold on to which in this case is the salt/ sugar.

As the carbon dioxide in the Coke hold onto the salt/ sugar, the sugar then drops to the bottom of the bottle and pushes the carbon dioxide upwards which causes it to go into the balloon.

Procedura of Experiment:

  1. Fill a balloon with 1/4 sugar (Have this prepped before the Coke is opened)
  2. Get a bottle of Coke/ Pepsi
  3. Slowly take the lid off the Coke
  4. (Ensure there are no holes in the balloon)
  5. Place balloon over the top of bottle
  6. Tilt the balloon so that the sugar/salt slowly falls into the bottle
  7. Watch what happens to the soda and the balloon.
  8. Repeat the experience with salt

Soda Pop Experiment from Tamaki Primary on Vimeo.

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