Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Big Reveal

In Term 4, 2015 our school inquiry topic has been about "Planet Earth and Beyond". The children in the Kia Maia team did not know what our Inquiry topic was going to be about so as a reveal the children watched the movie "Home" in the first block which they really enjoyed.

In the second block of the day the children explored making "Rockets". Part of the Learn process was for the children to learn how to make a rocket of their choice by researching online different ways of making rockets. The Create part of their learning was for the children to choose a rocket of their choice and test their theory as to how far and fast they fly. Miss Kyla's class, Mr Minton's class and Miss Shiriwastow's class all made rockets and then they all gathered in the hall for a challenge to see which rockets flew the furtherest and fastest. The children really enjoyed themselves and were very proud of their rockets. Miss Kyla gave our prizes for the ones that flew the furtherest and ones with the most innovative designs. 

It was a great learning experience for the children as they learnt about what causes the rocket to travel faster and why. For example, when you blow in the straw the air gets trapped causing momentum.Here is a photo of Curtys who created a straw Rocket.

                       Here is a photo of Kenneth and Siale who won a prize for the furtherest flying rockets. 

Here is a photo of the Room 7 children enjoying testing out their rockets. 

It was a fun day for the children of the Kia Maia Team! 

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