Thursday, March 24, 2016

Making Multiplication fun!

In room 7 we have been learning our Multiplication facts. We played fun games together to learn not only how to recall our Multiplication facts fast but also how to play games co-cooperatively together in regards to our Inquiry topic "Practicing peaceful play"

The children get a card with a number on it such as number 7 which is their 7 times tables. They then are required to roll the dice and the number they roll eg: 5 they need to multiply 5 with 7 and then find their answer on their cards and put a counter on it. The student that fills their cards first with counters wins the game.

Room 7 really enjoyed this game and also enjoyed the challenge. They also built great relationships with each other as well as giving each other positive feedback and encouragement.

Below is a photo collage of some of  room 7 children playing the Multiplication game.

Knowing our Multiplication facts are important as it is used in our everyday life. For example when going shopping for food items and buying multiple items, children can use their fast recall of multiplication to know the value of the multiple items that they have bought. 

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