Thursday, March 24, 2016

Shadow Portraits

 In room 7 as part of "All about me" we have been creating shadow portraits "All about ourselves". We traced an outline of ourselves using the projector and then inside our outside we used words, symbols and patterns to describe who we are. Miss Shiriwastow modelled one for us and showed us examples so that we knew what we had to do and what the outcome would be like.

We had so much fun creating them and they all look so fantastic and effective. Miss Shiriwastow has displayed them outside Room 7 for teachers, children and parents to see.

We used effective colours so that our artwork would standout to our audiences.

Here are some examples of a few shadow portraits created by the wonderful children of Room 7. Didn't they do an amazing job!! What artist they are!!  Ka Pai Tamariki.

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