Thursday, March 24, 2016

Being Big Hearted

This year Tamaki Primary is made up of two Syndicates. A Junior Syndicate and a Senior Syndicate. 
Room 7 is part of the Senior Syndicate. Our Syndicate is called "Kia Manawanui which means "Being Big Hearted".

As part of our team building lessons  in the classroom we explored what "Being Big hearted" meant to us.  To begin with the children peer shared with each other what they thought "Being Big Hearted" meant and how they thought they could show this. 

We then came together as a class and collated our ideas together in a mind map. 
The children then moved onto creating hearts. In the hearts they drew symbols and wrote words of how they showed being "Big hearted". 

Here is a photo of Wallymei and Marshall working on their hearts. 

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