Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beautiful to Spooky

WALT write a narrative story based on our artwork.

In the olden  days before Halloween, somewhere in America  there were 3 kids called Carroll, Alex,and Sam.Carroll is fifteen and Sam and Alex are fourteen years old. Alex is a boy and Sam and Carroll are girls.The two girls looked like two beautiful queens as if they were drama queens  and Alex looked like a king. 

One day Sam went to pick up Carroll so they could  go pick up Alex. It was not long when they got there and Alex was standing outside waiting for the two girls to come. Alex and Carol and Sam  went inside and Alex’s mum offered the girls and Alex a glass of juice. 

Once they had finished their drink they headed outside and went for a walk to go to the beautiful house. When they got there it was almost night time and Alex told the girls what happens on new moon. He went on telling them that the house will get cursed and that it might turn haunted. So the three kids went back home and got ready to go to bed to have a good sleep.

The next day it was a day that the 3 best friends went to the beautiful house and go inside and meet the people who lived in there. But when they got there Alex was right it was cursed,“OH NO’’ shouted Carroll,“Its cursed". They all walked back to their houses sadly on the way back.

Carrol and Kimmy saw something bright in their eyes, “OH MY GOSH I CAN SEE TWO GHOSTS!” shouted Carroll and Sam. They started to yell and run and Carroll ran inside her house but Carroll could still see the ghost.At the house Sam could see other ghosts. These ghosts killed both their pets .They had a funeral for their pets,and it made them very sad.

At night time the three best friends set out and went for a stroll to the house that had been cursed the night before. When they got there it was nighttime and the two girls could see ghosts,demons,zombies hands reaching out of the graveyard and vampires and spiders and snakes with blood on them on the walls and inside. The 3 best friends went inside shaking.

Suddenly,one of the zombies came running after Alex and Sam quickly got her book of haunted and read it, and found 18 primary road and read the words out loud and said ,“ Every new moon the house will get cursed and will turn haunted and ghosts will be around you , and zombies will be chasing, vampires will be sucking and you will be screaming to DEATH!.”

After she read the words in the book Alex came back with a huge red and black scar over his face and he had one large scratch on his leg and he had blood all over and he talked like a zombie. Then Carroll screamed and said crying ,“My best friend has been attacked by a zombie”, and that’s what Sam said with her. 

Then something creepy happened and Alex turned into a zombie. Alex chased the girls down the street and through other roads and they were screaming.While they were doing battling to get away from their friend that just left them like trash and chased them there was a man that heard the two girls his name was Link and he came out with a big gun and shot Alex in the head.“Thanks but now he is dead” Carroll said “ No he will come to life again", said the man.

Then Alex came alive again. Alex rubbed his head as if he did not know who he was he did not know anything that happened to him he did not know he was a zombie,”What am I doing here?”, he asked Sam said, “It’s a long story we will tell you later”and they did. 

When Sam told him he first of all did not believe her but when Carroll showed him a scratch on her arm he did. Carroll,Sam and Alex learnt a lesson and never went back to the house again.

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Miss Kelly room 7 said...

What a terrifying story!! You had me hooked from the beginning! Great uses of descriptive writing. Very detailed. Well done!!