Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Town vs Devils

In a far away town called ‘Rocky Bay’ there lived only eight people. This town was quiet and creepy. these people lived normal lives doing normal things everyday like going to work, shopping at the mall and taking their pets for a walk.

One scary night bad aliens and devils were traveling all the way from mars and they discovered ‘Rocky Bay’. One of the devils on the ship said to his friend, who was a ghost, “Hey Ghostly your the first one to get out so go and hide behind that tall rock”.
“Ok”, replied Ghostly. So off he went with Billy.

When they were hiding behind the rock Billy could not stop laughing “sshhh! You are going to wake up the town” Ghostly said to him
“ok” Billy said
“bhbh ahahahahahaha!!” he made it even worse and worse “shut up man” Ghostly whispered angrily.

Then suddenly the town lights went on “ohh no!” Ghostly said with fear.  Then they both ran back to the ship.
”What was that” the bakery owner said to himself. Someone came “I have no idea?” he said, “but by the way can i have a mince pie” “sure” said the bakery owner. So he gave it to him, and he went to the top of the roof of the bakery. When he got there there was people trying to rob the bakery but he did not care he just got happy. So when Ghostly and Billy ran back Billy was fired for laughing and for waking up the town “so its up to you Deves”Ghostly said “of course you fools”Deves the devil said,so off he went. As he got out of the ship he did not hide like Ghostly and Billy did he just showed his self “oooooo! pass me your souls hahahahaha!”.”What on earth is he doing” Ghostly said “hahaha I don't know” Billy said “OK! were off to see what hes up to” said Ghostly so off he went. When he got out lots of people’s were shouting and screaming in a fright “whoo! go Deves” Ghostly shouted” “what are you doing” Deves shouted back “helping you because this world is going to be ours ahahahahahahaha!!”.Soon as Deves and Ghostly were destroying the world,Billy started to drive the ship he was going to land it in the middle of a war and he was also going to kill someone. “What are you thinking!!” Deves said “ your going to stop the war!” “MOVE THE SHIP NOW!!” “no! im Billy and im smart”, then Ghostly flyed up to stop the ship “let go” Billy said then finally the ship landed on the ground and everyone got away then Deves wheels brook off.”nooo! my wheels! help me you fools!” then they all got away to get weapons soon it was quite.


Miss Kelly Room 7 said...

Tionee, what a fabulous piece of writing! Well done!! I really like how you have used lots of great describing words and plenty of dialogue. As a reader, you really hooked me into your story!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

HI Tionee I like your story about the town vs devil. It is a interesting story to read great work Tionee.