Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Name of the Island

WALT write a narrative story based on our artwork.

Once, in the Island, there lived three boys named Joseph, Jeremy and Jerome. They were at a beach relaxing on the summery sand. Besides, it’s all blistering hot like the sun is like coming towards them, so all of the village people always go to the beach. They went for shade, had cold fizzy drinks, and some played volleyball. “Aahhh, this is the life.” said Joseph, “Yeah, tell me about it.” replied Jeremy.

While they were having fun in the beach, a volcano started to shake and erupt, causing the molten lava to cut through the thin waters and burning all of the humans and dismantling them to pieces! “ We need to get some help, fast, before all of the land we live, will not even exist!” cried Jeremy while looking at the lava anxiously, “Well, all I'm thinking of is lots of our water” said Joseph, “But, we left ours on the sand and now they must be millions of miles in the sand somewhere” exclaimed Jerome while the molten lava gets closer and closer to the surface.

But then, Tangaroa came out of the waters (because they live near New Zealand) and he made lots of waves to make destruction to the sweltering lava. He made lots and lots of waves and it swooped down to the lava and it crushed it so much, that it went down to the bottom of the sea (or ocean). The people were saved by Tangaroa and they were running and skipping around the beach happily.

Meanwhile, Joseph was smiling and said, “This must be a beach miracle from our shores, and the mighty gods of waters saved us all.” and the three went back to the beach, lying down on the cool, warm, sand. Until, a report from the media says “News update, for some reason, lots of mysterious people have been appearing on the beach lately.” The next day, when the boys were watching television, Jeremy was watching and then suddenly, the Prime Minister was on and said, “Ever since the mysterious people have been coming here from our shores, I will now call this island, Mysterious Island, and no one, not even me, will ever change the name of the island. Finally, the boys (now men) have remembered the name from the time it was named. Then, years later, there grandsons took over there places and they even look like them. Now, the three men should have learnt right before then, that they were supposedto stay inside in their house while the heat blast was coming through so they won’t join in with the panicking or else, Tangaroa wouldn’t come and they would be the only people not going to the beach.

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Miss Kelly Room 7 said...

Wow Willy!! what an awesome piece of descriptive writing. Fabulous!! I like how you included Tangaroa, God of the Sea, into your story.