Thursday, May 17, 2012

Best Friends

Today I read a story about Best Friends .This story is a play. We are practicing our presentation skills as this will help us prepare for our movie making project next week.

The character I play in the story is Rabbit she is scared of the dog but she finds out that dog is friendly.
By Leigh-Amber


Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh-Amber I really liked your photo of the bunny and the book about the play. It sounds great, i'm looking forward to seeing it if you do the play.I wonder what it’s about?

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh-Amber, I like the rabbit, it looks real. I like the story Best Friends. It was thoughtful and your teacher will be proud.

Miss Kelly Room 7 said...

I really liked the photo of the bunny too Leigh Amber! I watched you when we did the play. Your presenting skills are excelllent!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh-Amber,
You must of been shy when you played the rabbit as a character but remember keep you head high and be proud!! i hope you had a fun time playing the story in the book keep up the intersting work!!

Your sincerely: Sharon Sampson

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh-Amber. I very liked the way you used lots of descriptive words in your writing. Good luck on the play. I am looking forward to when you put your play on your blog.