Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Beautiful Place

It was a great day at my beautiful place.

People can see the sun shining out like a diamond in the sky. They can also see people swimming and surfing in the beautiful sea water. You can also see people building a sandcastle made out of sand and shells. As you walk pass you can see people coming to relax at this beautiful place. In my beautiful place you can see big boats. The big boats look like a big lion in the water.

You can hear people talking about how wonderful this place is. You can see people listening to the birds singing.

You can feel hot, warm and cold when you are at this place.

You can smell people cooking delicious meals .The cooking smells like my mums fish.

When you are in the water you can taste the salty water. The water makes my tongue feel funny.

Have you guessed what my special place is?

By Faamanu


Angelina said...

I like the way you have used powerful words Fa'amanu. This is a wonderful place.

Marcus said...

Great work Fa'amanu. You have great descriptive words in your story.You make me want to go there!