Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank You Letter

Dear Rotary Club,

Thank you for the dictionaries because they will help us learn. We feel happy and thankful for all the books and the dictionaries you have given us and it has helped our education.
We like the illustrations in the dictionaries that help us to understand a word.

You also help us with reading, cooking, as well as giving us the Duffy books, which we love to read. You are very kind and we appreciate all the time that you give to us at Tamaki Primary School.

Thank you very much Rotary Club.

From Lydia


Haina said...

Hi Lydia. It was a nice letter to the Rotary Club. Well done! I like how you used powerful words.

Aaron Room 7 said...

Hi Lydia .I hope the dictionaries help
you in the future. The illustrations really do help.

Jazmine room7 said...

Hi Lydia nice work. I hope you have a great time looking at and enjoying your new dictionary. I got mine last year and i still use it every day.

Anonymous said...

hi lydia its me susana great work on your rotary club keep up your work well done.