Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jungle Drums

Yesterday on Thursday after lunch Mrs Wareham said to pack up. I thought we were going to get told off from Miss Hansell the principal. We lined up and started walking down to the hall. I heard a drumming noise. I knew we weren’t going to get a telling off. When we all got in there were heaps of African drums and we saw three people on the stage. Their names were Lucy, Chewie and Johnny. It was fun because we could drum and not write stories. We all had to do the animal dance, so did the teachers. At the end we stopped drumming and Johnny said a long time ago in Africa they used the drums for telephones and I thought it was cool.



RKELLY said...

It was very cool, Chasity. I thought it was great that Chewie did nearly all of the show without speaking!

ms Hansell said...

I love the way you have included the information about how in Africa, a long time ago, they used drums for communication - you really listened didn't you.

Romeo and Haina said...

Nice job Chasity it was a good story about drum's.

from Romeo and Haina

Miss Kelly Room 7 said...

What an awesome recount of that special day we had! Its so amazing that we can use drums to communicate as well as our voices!