Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Journey of Flora
Flora is a worm. She likes adventures and she lives in Worm Garden. One night a big bird swooped away her house. As the bird flew, other birds got jealous and fought over the house. As the house shook, Flora woke up. She looked outside, she was shocked because Flora was in the air but inside her house she thought as if she were dead. Flora was waiting to go to heaven. She drawed and when she saw a quick flash of light she went outside as the house stopped. The big birds were there, one of the families members ate her tail. Flora said “who cares I can grow another one”. Flora ran because she did not like being with the big birds. Flora ran and ran but she did not see where she was going and she fell out of the big birds nest. Flora thought she was flying . . . . . . . . . . ! BANG ! Flora fell on the ground. Flora did not know where she was. Flora walked for hours until she heard music and then she looked through a pile of leaves and she saw heaps of worms in a Worm City with all of the things you would ever want. Flora made friends with some worms. She got worried about her family and she wanted to go back to Worm Garden. She asked her friends if they know the way to go back to Worm Garden. They all said “no”. Then one of her friends said “yes” and her name is Ruth. Ruth said “my dad has finished his invention that is called the flying car, we can use that to go faster “. “I’ll go get the flying car then” she said again “O.K” said Flora. When Ruth got the flying car they hopped on it. They flew to the sky and when birds came they flew side to side and then they saw Worm Garden and they flew down and Flora saw her parents and they hugged one another and then Flora said “bye” and they felt happy.

By Lydia.

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ms Hansell said...

Lydia, this is a fantastic piece of writing - you had me captured from the very first sentence. I especially liked the part where you told me Flora thought she was flying and then...BANG! Flora fell on the ground.