Monday, November 18, 2013

Misimoa's Attempt at Rhyming


I run like the wind at every game I win.
When I kick the ball it fly’s into the air,
when I come back down I look like Chase blair.

Mate Ma’a Tonga and Toa samoa are hungry for some moa.
Be scared because we own a chicken store.
I’m the new samoan thor
I’ll take down your front door
There’s gonna be war.
You're gonna hear me roar.
There’s a new law
Bump off’s and fights,
You’ll be out the door,
I’m one of  Fantastic 4,
who does not snore.

One day I’ll play for samoa,
and you’ll be in the crowd cheering “Misimoa.”
I’ll be under the goal post getting a big score.

I’m not a simile because it’s just me,
I’m flash like Bolt fending off trouble going to achieve my goal.
That’s my future, I don’t wanna be a tutor and the names not Misi it’s Freddie Kruger.
Don’t call me a loser because I got all the fame.

you should be ashamed because your skills are lame.


Anonymous said...

Hi Misimoa,

Great poem, your poem has great rhyming words and powerful words.
Well done Misimoa keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mismoa

Wonderful poem, like how you had some rhyming words that went with your poem. And I like how you edit your photo...

Keep it up buddy...

rhythm said...
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