Monday, November 18, 2013

Friendship Til The End of Time by Deandra

Our inquiry topic this term is about Rhythm, Rap and Rhyme - Creating Peaceful Times. This week we are required to write a poem related to the topic about peace. I have decided to write my poem about peaceful friendships. This is my own original ideas and I'm very proud of the poem I have written. Enjoy reading my craft.

Friendship, bent and twisted to create the forming sources of love and care,
That of course is what all friends share,
Competitive behaviour, secrets, and scandals,
Cause chaos between two bountiful friendly souls, and twist their emotional handles,

False Love, Guys, and money,
Play with the friendship of many who find their life within friendship as sweet as honey,
Tolerance, Peace, and Empathy is important to those who are not vulnerable but approachable,

Today friends all over the world whether black, white, tan or brown have been known to watch each others backs,
To help their friends in their needing of times when they are too busy building up their stacks,

Nobody, not a single soul would leave a good friend to fend for themselves in the battle against people and the cruel world,
But for those to just throw away that precious friendship into the trash,

Well they certainly will have no one to turn to in their need of help or comfort when their life ends with a flash,
Remember your friend is like your sister or brother and you will do anything to make sure they are in safe hands even if you have to break their fragile trust.

By Deandra

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