Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween by Mavis

Ola! For writing this week me and other students my years had to write a narrative as practise for our assessment next week. I,along with other students discovered we all shared a desire to write a narrative based on the theme horror. Here is my story.

Two girls fell into the depths of the dark water that lay waiting in the centre of the coal mine.Then as the eclipse dawned on the water. Two girls

Crawling out of her split open stomach, invading the ebony ground, gorged out poison infected by blood and spewing with maggots. They dig deeper into her flesh biting harder into the bone. Guts trickle out of the corner of her sewn mouth. Her chest wide open infused by the anguish of her revolting and grotesque death is pounding with dead centipedes flinching and crippling with vomit.She dips her finger into her chest and shoves it into the space big enough to fit it. She smears it around the inside of her mouth enjoying the taste.

She drives herself deeper into the heart of the coal mine vomiting and groaning.
“Muere’s here  Muere is starving”
Screams ripped through the coal, sending ancient bone rattling around the tunnels. Her eyes flicked around. Foot steps stumbled forward. Haunting screams of pain,disdain and disgust ruptured her decaying ears. Into the mouth of a girl. Digging deeper into her flesh, thirsty for more lay an Asesino Bug (killer bug) it lept up further and further. Tripping over exploded intestines,shrivelling kidneys,drained livers and a cracking heart the bug fell into the eye socket shoving the eyeball out as it made itself more visible to the dying eye as a bug drenched with blood.

Another child ran forward unaware of the dangers that would befall him. He yelped as he came upon the bodies.
“Oh mother of satan”
The two girls latched onto his scent chasing him through the tunnels wondering why their prey was running. Denahi threw his backpack down onto the ground he cried out
“Somebody help me!Please!”

At the tunnels up ahead he saw one of the tunnels were pitch black while the other was illuminated by the glory of light. It filtered through the tunnel and bursting with happiness. Autumn leaves lay crinkled down the path. Sounds of the wind running past the cracks whispered into his ears. Pulling him closer to the exit, closer to dreams.He slithered into the tunnel, the two girl were following behind him unaware that their hideous mutations were fading..fading into the dark.

He clambered up the whole he found up ahead he. Thinking he escaped horror he started slipping to a slower climbing pace. He felt something scratching at his legs. Finally that something had a grip on his leg. He turned down to find Muere and Ariana-Blue grinning foolishly. He heaved himself to the top  finally he felt the hard skin start to soften under the daylight. He turned around to see the girls that went missing 5 years ago at the age of 10. They were his sisters. They grinned from ear to ear and sighed in unison
“We do belong here”
Muere stated
"People called my Muere so I got a liking to it and adapted to it oh but seriously guys my name Nina"

Muere - Death
Asesino - Killer
Ariana Blue & Nina my own characters

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Abdurrahman said...

Hello Mavis,

I like your story it is very so scary that it sent shivers up my spine. My favourite part was when the boy said " Oh mother of Satan". Did you make this scary story all alone?