Friday, November 16, 2012

Electricity Explanation by Cypress

What is electricity
Electricity is power that can help us survive. if we didn’t have electricity there would be no buildings, no cars, no TV, no radio, no houses and no airplanes. Also children use electricity to learn.

How do we use electricity?
Electricity is used to turn on TV’s, laptops, ovens and other stuff that runs on electricity. People use it to charge things and research important information. Also builders use it to build houses, dig up dirt, make cars and to make buildings so thats why its important to have electricity because if we didn’t we would die.

Have you ever wondered how electricity travels?
As strange as it may seem electricity travels really fast. First of all electricity is made from power stations then electricity is brought to the generator and so on. Do you know how electricity gets to the power plugs?If you cut the cord you should see little wires made of metal inside those wires are electricity that is how electricity travels to the plug.

What Are The Different Sources Of Electricity?
There are many types of electricity like solar energy, hydro power, nuclear energy, wind energy and more. If there were none of these sources we wouldn't be able to use electricity.


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