Friday, June 5, 2009

Seilina Tells Us About Tapa Cloth


Room 6 said...

Seilina, I learnt such a lot about Tapa cloth. What a very clever information report about Tapa. You must be the expert in Rm 7 and certainly one of their STARS. From Ms Hansell

Georgi C said...

Seilina, I love the way you spoke clearly and told me about the tapa cloth. I thought that your information report was fantastic! AWESOME WORK :)
From Miss Crook

Unknown said...

Hi Seilina, I enjoyed listening through to your very informative story as I have some beautiful pieces of Tapa at my house and it was good to get some information about it.
Well done
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hi Seilina

We are all very proud of you. You spoke very well. We have learnt lots of information about Tapa cloth!

From Lucy, Jonive and Siale

Room 8 Grapes said...

We loved the way you used expression in your presentation. We liked how you put your facts in order. We liked how you said some facts to help us learn. Your presentation could really help us with our topic.

Room 6 said...

Well done Seilina, you used a lot of powerful words about Tapa cloth. We enjoyed hearing your excellent information report about Tapa and looking at the pictures.

From Dakota, Aluat, Crystal, Keleni & Ngatokurua.

Anonymous said...

Dear Selina,
It is a great information about Tapa.
You read very clearly and loudly.

Ma'asi and Sione
Room 4
Tamaki Primary