Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kitiona Tells How Happy He Is To Be A Year 4

A Letter To The Remuera Rotary Club

Dear Remuera Rotary Club
I feel happy and lucky that I was a year 4 because
I got to get a dictionary. I read it at home every
night and I find facts about interesting things.
I turn the facts into my own words and write
information sentences that start with a hook.
A hook makes the facts more interesting when
you are reading them. I have found out that bees
live in little holes and I found out that olden day
ships were made from wood and had sails like
the voyaging waka. My Mum is really happy that
I am practising my writing at home. I bring my
writing to school and show it to my teacher. She
thinks I am clever. Thank you for my dictionary.
I will look after it carefully.

From Kitiona


Miss Kelly said...

Kitiona, you read that very very well!! I am most impressed that you are going home and finding facts out on your own!No wonder you have jumped up so many reading levels. Well done!!

Georgi C said...

Wow, Kitiona. I liked the way you read your writing clearly and looked at the camera. I hope you are enjoying using your dictionary!
From Miss Crook