Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Information Sentences about Early Polynesian Sailors

Did you know waka hulls were made from breadfruit wood.

Are you aware the big waka could carry 50 people.

As strange as it may seem they find the land by the stars, moon, sun and birds.

Did you know that early pacific sailors made ropes out of coconut fibres.

Not many people know that waka sails were made from pandanus leaves.

Did you know sailors tied themselves to waka to stay safe in bad weather.

By Karimullah


Georgi C said...

Wow, Karimullah, your information report is full of details around pacific migrants. I learnt lots of new information! What a star!

From Miss Crook

Unknown said...

That was a great way to share information about early polynesian sailors. There were 2 things there that I learned first from you!
But, did you know this.... you will have seen 'Manaiakalani' above this comment. It is the name of the constellations of stars the polynesian sailors used to find their way to New Zealand. And my blog is named after it!
Mrs Burt

RKELLY said...

Awesome work, Karimullah. Your sentences are soooo well written. You certainly know how to grab someone's attention right at the beginning of your sentence! I can't wait to see and hear more!
From Mrs. Kelly

Room 6 said...

Awesome work, you had some great information about pacific migration. You used some amazing hooks to make your sentences more interesting.

From room 6's Stars reading group.

Anonymous said...

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