Saturday, August 27, 2016

Helping children making healthy choice

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During Week 4 and Week 5 of Term 3 Room 7 and other classes from Tamaki Primary have taken part in the Life Education Bus.
"Life Education is a charity that provides children with the knowledge to make informed choices about their health, respect others and learn to appreciate their uniqueness".

Room 7 have have had a great time enjoying taking part in the Life Education teaching. 
We gained a great volume of knowledge which was very in depth during the 3 lessons that we had. We were lucky enough to have longer sessions compared to the other classes so we were very grateful for that. 

Some of the areas that we learnt about were: 

  • The Circulatory System.
  • The Digestive System.
  • The Respiratory System
And many more body system parts and how they function. 

(Student: Coralee Paraha) 

The students got a chance to have a look at a model of a heart and play around with it and open it up  and have a look at the chambers of the heart which they really found interesting. Here is a photo of Coralee having a look at the model. 


In class we went back and created information posters on the what we had learnt on these body systems. Below I have included some posters by children in room 7. Look at the wonderful that they can all can do! They have learnt so much! Well done Tamariki! 

(Information poster by Aja)

(Information poster by Aletheia)

(Digestive system information poster by Kanye)

We also leant about making good choice and how the choices we make can affect our health. 
The children really enjoyed also meeting Harold the Giraffe.

Thank you Life Education Trust for coming to Tamaki Primary and thank your Nicola (Teacher) for your knowledge and enlightening our children's minds. 

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