Friday, April 8, 2016

Number talks-Mathematics

We have been learning about number talks in room 7. Number talks is when we talk about a number or an equation and find different ways and strategies of how we can represent that number in many different ways. Number talks encourages children to be able to use their problem solving skills and encourages and challenges them to be able to explain their answers, reasoning and thinking.

(Fine, Aletheia, Sahil)
Here is a photo of a group of children's thinking regarding the number 50. As you can see from the photo the children have really thought about the many different ways they can represent t
he number 50 as well as different ways that they can make the number 50. An example if they can show the  number 50 on a place value house, they can show the number 50 by tallying the number, they can show the number 50 by drawing place value blocks, they can draw a 50c coin to represent 50, they can use their doubles number knowledge 25+25 to make number 50.

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