Friday, July 25, 2014

Deandra's View of the Sea

Tagata o le Moana:

I noticed the beauty of the graceful sea creatures as they soared through the water like how birds would in the sky. I heard the whispering cries of the sea as she urged me to come in. I could sense the salty air as it flows through me as a gesturing aroma of home.

I caught a hint of salt water on my tongue as I drew nearer and nearer to the lapping waves, I felt the cold water send shivers down my spine as I waded knee deep through the clear crisp water. The water surrounded me like a protective shield against intruders.

Dutiful fish were swimming frantically up and down the channels looking and scavenging for food as well as avoiding predators. A lonely turtle struggles to find it’s way through a swarm of fish but somehow it senses my presence and turns to the right direction.
When I hear the splashing of fish, I think of playing children.

When I see exotic marine mammals  playing I think of mischievous monkeys. When I can smell sweet, sensational aromas I think of mouth watering food. If I feel the tail flick of a fish then I think of a feather brush stroking my leg, and when I look upon a beautiful coral reef fish I think of my family. As I tasted the saltiness of the ocean water I think of the ocean as my peaceful home of tranquillity.

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