Friday, June 20, 2014

M.A.K.M-9000 - Mean, Auto, Killing Machine by Darwin and William

Last week Darwin and William worked together on a piece of narrative writing.

Step 1:
We activated our prior knowledge of what we know about narrative writing and then as a class we created a success criteria to guide us during the writing process.

How to write a narrative story
  • Use the T.O.P.S. writing structure to organise our ideas.

  • Use simple punctuation correctly in our sentences. . (at the end of a sentence) AKL (capital letters, nouns, I)  

  • Use the ‘CCC strategy’, dictionaries or sounding out patterns to check mispelt words.

  • Make sure your sentences make sense by proofreading for meaning, spelling and (complex) punctuation.

  • Write interesting language that will ‘hook in’ the reader (eg. metaphor, personification, hyperbole.)

  • Include dialogue to give the reader more information about the characters, events and solutions.
Step 2:
This is our planning for our story.

Darwin and William verbalising their story to another group.

Step 3 -  Click here to view their piece of writing for their narrative story

Step 4 - Feedback, sharing with our peers.

Step 5 - Re-crafting - using feedback given by our peers

Step 6 - Teacher Conference 

Step 7 - Publishing our end product - see our video below

Step 8 - Personal writing reflection.

We hope you enjoy the end product of our narrative story - we appreciate your feedback. 

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