Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone - Its 2014

Happy New Year everyone. It's 2014 - a year that will be extreme and supreme for all of us. We look forward to an awesome year of fun, learning, teaching, new friends and teachers, new adventures and discoveries. This year is going to be EXTREME and SUPREME!!!

Ms Aireen would like to welcome all students back to school and Whaea Petra who will also be teaching in Room 7 this year.

Press play to find out about Whaea Petra.


Mrs Fepuleai said...

WOW!!!! Room 7 is one lucky group of kids to have Whaea Petra joining the Team! She has been to some amazing places and now she's here at Tamaki Primary School. Room 7, you are in for an exciting year of learning this year.:-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic presentation, Whaea Petra! Room 7 are so lucky to have both you and Miss Aireen for 2014 - extreme and supreme!