Friday, November 12, 2010

Manaiakalani Film Festival


Sela said...

Hi there Room 7,
I like your movie about your worm farm!! But what I found fascinating was that you make your own fertilizer from the worm's juice!! We had a worm farm of our own once but I don't think that we made our own fertilizer!! Anyway, your movie was very awesome. Keep up the great work!!

(Room 20, Pt England School)

maroroa said...

Hi Room 7,

Thank you for showing us your movie!
Now we know how to feed the worms! That was good information.

Maroroa of Room 7 at Pt England School.

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 7,

Your movie is excellent! It gave us a lot of information about the worm farm.


Mrs She of Room 7 at Pt Engand School.

Mrs Anderson said...

Hi Room 7

What a fantastic movie! You have done such a good job looking after the worm farm this year and it was a great idea to share what you do with the rest of us. Congratulations Saraya you did a wonderful job as a presenter. We are all very proud of you. Well done everyone!

louise said...

Hello Room 7,
Mrs Wareham had been telling me about your worm farm. I've never seen anyone making worm juice before. I think your film was wonderful and you were all very good at explaining the worms. Excellent work Room 7

Louise Wareham
Royal Berkshire, UK

RKELLY said...

Well done Room 7 - the worm farm at our school is a huge success because of your dedication and the movie was a huge success because of your talent! Mrs Wareham - you rock!

Mrs R said...

Hi there Room 7
I really enjoyed your movie! Well done. I learnt a lot about how to care for a worm farm and how to reuse the products from the farm. Your labels are a great marketing tool. My class in the King Country are looking at using a movie to explain a process. I hope yo don't mind if I share your work with them?
Keep up your great work!
Mrs R, Room 2, Hangatiki Primary

Lorenzo said...

Hi Room 7,

Your movie is great because now I know how to make fertilizer using the worm juice.

Lorenzo of Room 7 at Pt England School.

Zaphanata said...

Hi Room 7,

I like your movie because I can see a lot of worms and that you told us that worms are useful to us!


Edward said...

Nice words on how to make a worm farm

glenbraer7 said...

hello room 7.
us room 7 at Glenbrae school
we have a worm farm as well
and you taught us a little bit
more about do better about looking
after our worms.

TOMINIKA said...

HI there room7 i like your movie about your worm farm.

by tominika