Monday, November 17, 2008

The Great Fire of London by Jayde

On September 2nd 1666 there was a great big fire in London. It started after a little spark from the oven in a bakery in Pudding Lane landed on some straw and the firewood near by went up in flames. London was ‘tinder dry’ as it had been a long hot summer.

The fire was huge and very, very hot. It travelled though Pudding Lane and grew higher and higher until it spread to all of London. Did you know there where no fire engines in 1666. The trained bands who were like firemen had to use leather buckets, fire hooks, squirts to try to stop the fire.

King Charles ii gave the people of London hope. He helped fight the fire for 30 hours with no sleep and gave gold coins [guineas] to the people who he saw helping.

Four days later when the city had burnt down, the new homeless people set up tents like a camping ground at Moorfields. Are you aware that 100,000 homes and 87 churches were destroyed. Families, who before slept in beds in houses, now slept in the tents while they helped rebuild their city.


Unknown said...

That is a very informative report Jayde. I am wondering what you are learning about in your class at the moment. It sounds VERY interesting.
Mrs Burt

RKELLY said...

Thank you Jayde, I learned a lot by reading your information report.I am so thankful I have never experienced a terrible fire. It is very well written. You go girl!!
From Mrs Kelly

Anonymous said...

Jayde, you are fantantastic. Your story told me a lot and I hope to never have to go through an experience like it. Keep going and would love to see some of your stories in print one day, maybe in a well known magazine.