Monday, August 18, 2008

Beijing 2008

Friday was the first day of the Olympics in Beijing, in China. I was holding the flag of NZ. Our team had to wait for two hours before we could go into the stadium. It was boiling. Finally we got to go into the stadium. I was part of the rowing team. When I walked in I was holding our flag, I felt proud and I knew Mum would be proud. I saw exploding fireworks and shining lights that said ‘Welcome to Beijing’. I saw people cheering, clapping, yelling, singing, shouting and dancing. They were having so much fun. I saw the man who ran with the Olympic flame high up in the air. It’s hard to believe there were ninety one thousand people inside the stadium watching me.

By Viliami


RKELLY said...

You have written a great story about the opening ceremony at Beijing. I think it would be a scary walking around the stadium with 91,000 people watching. I really like the verbs and describing words you have used in your story. Awesome stuff!

from Mrs. Kelly

Unknown said...

What awesome writing Viliami! I love the way you have described the atmosphere in the stadium and the way Mahe Drysdale must have felt. I think you have written this better than some of the professional journalists I have seen and heard at the Olympics!
Mrs Burt

Tazeen said...

wow, i actually stumbled upon the blog of an Olympian ... cool.

Hats off to you and all the other sports persons out there

Anne Davis said...

My students were so excited to see your blog. I loved watching the Olympics, and hearing your story was very interesting. I'm this class's fifth grade teacher (Mrs. Emmert) and we are borrowing Mrs. Davis's gmail address to be able to comment to your students.

Anne Davis said...

I saw the Olympics on Friday.I only saw the opening ceremony because there was nothing else to do.I was very interested from those players,teams,and fans!What was your favorite?

Anne Davis said...

I am glad that your mum is proud of you. Over hear we say mom. What was your favorite part of the Olympics?

Anne Davis said...

Your mom should be proud. I barely knew about New Zealand untill now! You must have had so much fun! Do you know what kind of drums those where?

Anne Davis said...

I cant bleave that you were holding your flag I cant bleave 91,000 people were there.

Anne Davis said...

I really like your story about the
opening of Bejjing. If I know there wher 91,000 people I would be very scared. I am glad I got to read your story. Destiny

Anne Davis said...

Hi Viliami Your story was great about holding the torch in the Olympic games. You'd had to stand in front of over 91,000 people that day Cool!!!, Kendarius