Friday, June 20, 2008

Whare Wananga by Lika

At the Whare Wananga we had a fantastic time. We did some exciting activities like poi, harakeke and mau rakau, which is movement with a stick. My favourite activity was mau rakau because I enjoyed the movement, it was much easier than I thought. When we ate dinner everyone was saying how wonderful the food was. My favourite food was chop suey and potato bake. I couldn’t stop eating it because it was so scrumptious. After we finished our activities we got ready for bed and Miss Hansell told us a story before we all fell asleep. The next morning we had a delicious breakfast of eggs and spaghetti. When we finished our food we sat down and had a korero with Miss Hansell about what we did and about what we found exciting at the Whare Wananga. I thought it was the activities because they were heaps of fun. At the end Whaea Whetu helped us finish our koru carvings before we went back to class.


louise said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time. I know my mum (Mrs Wareham) enjoyed enjoyed it a lot. This is a brilliant description of Whare Wananga.

Louise (Mrs Wareham's daughter)

Anne Davis said...

This story that I read sounds so fun and wonderful. I really got fun details on this story like this can help me and others in our everyday life. I would say like for example I would give a speech. I would say "Have faith in yourself and let others and yourself believe in u not others or yourself put u down. "I wanted to ask what is your favorite Whare Wanaga. Like if I went I would like to take pictures for u and share some of my metals or something so that u can no that I am with you. Thats all of my wonderful details maybe u can share more with me and others.


Room 6 said...

Hey Lika it's me Lana and Jasmin we would like to say you have got a fabulous whare whananga story keep up the good work.