Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When Fish Came to Tahiti by Mehi

One hot splendid day there lived two children named Anna and Joshua. They lived on a beautiful and most gorgeous island called Tahiti. The island was surrounded by lovely palm trees, pure white sand, glimmering water that would shimmer around the seagulls while they would swim, fantastic fale’s and excellent people in the village.  The two kids always wore spectacular looking clothes. They always wore the same colours.  If Anna wore blue and red Joshua would wear blue and red so you get what I mean. They were like twins except they weren’t family. But they really wished they were because they loved to have sleepovers with pillow fights and eat mouth watering fruit with delicious smoothies to drink.

One day the whole entire village started to moan about the amount of fruit they were eating. Every day they would have fruit for breakfast, fruit for lunch and fruit for dinner and even fruit for a quick snack.There was lots of moaning going on!!! Every day the children would wake early from all that racket. They couldn’t even shut their eyelids. Until one day the children had enough of the moaning so they got up and stepped outside and shouted to everyone”STOP MOANING SO WE CAN HAVE SOME SLEEP, IF YOU DO STOP MOANING ABOUT EATING FRUIT THEN WE WILL PROMISE THAT WE WILL FIND YOU SOMETHING ELSE TO EAT BEFORE SUNSET!” So the children went off to find something else that the village could eat.The children  would do anything to stop that annoying moaning.

The children were searching for hours. Suddenly they spotted something moving around in the ocean, it was a fish, but there was more where that came from. There was a whole sea of fish! The children found some string, a long wooden stick and a hook that was as sharp as a swordfish quilla quill. With all those tools they could catch fish for the village to eat so they managed to catch a fish and  then cooked it. They had a little taste of the fish, it tasted so succulent that the children were hungry for more but they had marched off to tell the whole village about the tasty fish. Then they gave people a taste of the fish they loved it. They thought that the fish was mouth watering with all its flavours. They just wanted  more and more. The Mayor had announced that fish is the best food ever to be caught and cooked in Tahiti. So fish was the most popular food for a long time. The children had saved the day from eating fruit for the rest of their lives. They still liked to eat fruit but not ALL THE TIME!!!

The End

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