Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tsunami by Kini

One bright sunny day in Rarotonga there were three boys named Sione,Sau and Sam. They were  at the beach lying down in the flaming sun so they could get a tan.They could hear the nice splashy waves and the leaves on the palm trees moving swiftly in the air.Sione was a very handsome, good boy who always gets dressed in his best clothes. As for Sau, he has a silly and smart personality. Just like Sione, Sau also dressed in trendy clothes. Sam is a quiet boy who likes to get dressed in black and yellow clothes. All three boys were best friends.

After they were lying down on the sand Sione asked “Sam Do you want to have a game of rugby league...you two against me”Sione thought he was going to win.”Yes”spoke Sam .They started the game Sione kicked to Sau and Sam. Sam got the ball and ran straight up to Sione as fast as Usain Bolt.When he got closer Sione formed a humongous tackle on Sam,Sam offloaded the ball to Sau,Sau was jogging to the try line because he knew that he would score a try.Sam shouted and said “Yay”because Sau scored and they won.After the fun a big earthquake hit  Rarotonga.Sau Screamed “Help,help,help”. Then it stopped Sau was crying,He was very unhappy.Sam yelled “Look Sione as enormous wave is coming towards us”.They were looking for the closest mountain so they could sprint to it. The closest mountain was one hundred meters away.They sprinted like they were at the olympics running the  one hundred meter race.They finally got there. The tsunami just hit the mountain.

When the tsunami finished there were no food,no houses and nearly everyone died in Rarotonga. Sione,Sau and Sam were looking for someone to play with they saw no one.They did not eat for three days.While they were walking they walked past a cave they looked inside the cave if there were any food. Then they walked past a fresh fruit plantation.They opened the door to the fresh fruit plantation.There were all sorts of fruit like apples,oranges,pears,watermelon and plenty more.They also saw a big bowl,they put heaps and heaps of fruit inside the bowl.Two weeks later they sold their fruit at the beach so they can buy more TSUNAMI food and meat.

San,Sam and Sione learnt to not worry just be happy because there will always be a solution to their problems.                                                   
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