Friday, July 25, 2014

The Ocean by John

The Ocean

A massive expand of crystal clear water was all I saw ahead of me with a teenie weenie sailboat proudly sailing along with it’s small white sails catching the little sea breeze. This same breeze blows against my skin, keeping it pleasantly warm  in spite of the slow fading sun, making me feel like it is hugging me warmly.

The beautiful colour which seems to be a mix of orange and pink fills the dark blue sky and colours the puffy white clouds. The calm ocean reflects this amazing colour in the way which only it can. The waves gently fall on the the sandy shore, slowly breaking then receding, always in a funny way touching my toes.

The smell which these waves produce is not fishy and disgusting as it sometimes is but rather soft and a little salty which is just so luscious. The seagulls circle in the air, occasionally landing near me. One seagull dives from the air only to lift itself back up again as it nears the water, making a small v shape in the water behind it. I find myself thinking that perhaps this is the most beautiful place in the entire cosmos.

This is a descriptive writing that is about the ocean and the 5 senses.

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