Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holiday Description by Mavis

During the holidays I took what I would describe as a rather interesting trip to me favourite food place. We were given the task of describing  something exciting that happened in our holidays and in my world getting food is exciting! I hope you enjoy reading my description.

Ice erupted in my spine poisoning my body with goosebumps infecting every inch of my body. My heart advanced to a pounding pace. Blood flooded my ears, clogging them and preventing any proper words crawling into my ear. The wind bit at my skin but the warmth of the sun overpowered this frigid bite. My stomach  was a pit of hunger, tempting me to scream. Desperation for food thundered through my stomach inspiring another wave of sadness to roll over me. The hairs on my neck crawled to a standing position as we drove further up.

My eyes flickered over the site in front of me. The charcoal black road,the lush green of the towering trees, the blinding strips of white dividing the cars from each other.The velvet coat of the seat, swinging around as the wind ran through it causing a disturbance in its perfectly fine condition. Then a wave of colours sprinted past as strangers strolled past waving,pointing and messaging each other. I rolled my eyes...I thought we ALL had lives to live...apparently not today. Dropping their wrappers carelessly into the open environment.

Laughing and tapping crept into my ear chasing away the easy going swoosh of the car. The screech of another car coming up behind me scarred my ears. It haunted me, poking and teasing me as it hung around. It was followed by an impatient bark of a the man behind me. Anger hissed inside my head. The pavement crunched under numerous shoes.Nike's,Puma's and there was the occasional pair of high heels. I absorbed the sounds savouring how naturally it belonged in Glenn Innes.

Spices hit my nose like a round house punch leaving me begging for another sniff. Then it was quickly smothered with fried potatoes, people sweating and even milkshakes. I caught a whiff of perfume. My sister just had to. The car smelt normal aside perfume but it was perfectly normal. The carpet smelt like you're average home carpet, the coated seats smelling like everyday seats.Oh well.

Then came the magical moment the lady handed over what we wanted. Our prize of the day. My sister's friend handed it over to the back. We gave our thanks and drove home satisfied of what we scored. We took it to the kitchen. I took a big,loud slurp savouring the flavour. I took a bite of chicken. My favourite types of chicken. Goodness. It tasted divine,sublime,beautiful it tasted like my favourite meal. KFC was a pleasant start to my afternoon

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