Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Dream

Last night I dreamt of a magnificent garden.

This garden had lots of beautiful flowers which made this place very special. Standing in the middle of this garden reminded me of the colours of the rainbow because everywhere I looked there were all sorts of colourful good looking flowers. Butterflies and bees are also decorating the garden.

Walking around this garden I could see many flowers which would be suitable for different occasions. Red, white and pink roses are just right for a wedding. Dead looking flowers would be good for a funeral. Yellow bright flowers like the sun are perfect flowers that I could give to my best friend.

Sitting amongst these flowers I can hear the wind blowing and the flowers blowing at the same time. I also hear insects moving with excitement and making their own insect noises.

I feel relaxed, calm and happy. I feel this way because no one can bother me as I go deep into my thoughts and reflect on my life.

This is definitely a place that I would want to visit everyday.

By Koreniah

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