Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Information Report - Harakeke

Harakeke is a native plant. The scientific name for Harakeke is Phromium tenax.

Harakeke is green and it can remind people of hedgehog spikes. It is long and pointy. The inside blades are the young blades and they are protected by the outside blades.

Before you cut harakeke it is important to say a Karakia to bless the plant so that it can grow stronger. Say thank you to Tane Mahuta when you are saying your Karakia. If there are any left over harakeke you must put it under a bush.

Did you know harakeke heals many types of sicknesses? Harakeke can be used as a medicine. It heasls sicknesses like toothaches, earaches, boils sores and wounds.

I think harakeke is a good medicine because it respects the Maori culture and it heals many sicknesses.

By Maopa

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