Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fishing at the whalf

On Thursday afternoon the whole excited Senior Syndicate walked to the hall to get ready for fishing. When we were nearly at the wharf I was exhausted and nervous because I had been fishing once before.When we got there we sat down and I put my fishing line in the water. My hands were sore because I was holding the fishing rod too tight.When my hands were better I sat back down and I started to fish.I waited for a fish to come but no fish came but I was having fun with all of my friends and my sister.Then I noticed my fishing line was at the bottom of the sea, so I pulled it up a little so fish could come and eat the bait that was on my hook.Lydia and Malia caught a fish and their fish were big and small.They felt proud and tremendous that they had caught a fish.I took my time fishing and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for a fish to come and eat my bait.

I had a great time fishing with my school! Next time I will see if I can go fishing with my Mum and Dad at the wharf. I will go in a car though because the walking was long and hard!

I felt brilliant and proud because some people caught fish and some people didn't. Next time I go fishing I will have a bigger hook. I love fishing and will go with my family.

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